EP Hills & Highlands

by Julia Toaspern

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released November 20, 2013

text&music: Julia Toaspern
sound: orion keyser
*except Kentucky: rudi costa
fotography: martin stenmark

vocals, guitar, fiddle, banjo, percussion: julia toaspern



all rights reserved


Julia Toaspern Berlin, Germany

Her debut album Penny features her band including beatbox, double bass, flute.
On her EP Hills & Highlands you can hear Julia play fiddle and banjo as well as e-guitar and a percussive red suitcase.

The combination of groovy rhythms and fingerpicked melodies makes her live performance a special event
– as a solo artist on vocals,guitar,fiddle,banjo
– as a band with guitar,beatbox and double bass
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Track Name: Hills & Highlands
Hills and highlands, goats and sheep
and cats and dogs and all that creeps
and you and me, in between,
and I love you, so I do

Hills and highlands, all that jazz
and rain and coats and all wet grass
and time machines, no thanks, I pass!
I still love you, so I do

Hills and highlands, open skies
all we like sheep, like cat and mice,
like wolves and rats just in disguise,
and I love you, so I do

There we go, astray, sometime,
just to find new ways and partners in crime,
there we go, astray, sometime,
just to find new ways and maybe a dime

Hills and highlands, goats and sheep
and cats and dogs and all that creeps
and you and me, inbetween,
and I love you, so I do

Hills and highlands, rocks and sea
and hand in hand your beard and me
walk in imperfect harmony, let’s see, I still love you
so she says, so I do
Track Name: Penny
If I had a penny for every thought
that I keep on wasting thinking you'll go
I'd be so unbelievably rich when you finally leave me

But who knows, I sure don't, where or when,
and if you'll still be with me until then,
I'll be so damn lucky to have known you like that

But there is, I'm almost sure, nothing I could do,
if you want to leave first that's up to you,
I'll die too for a little while
but I'm oh so sure I will have loved you so deeply
Track Name: Mayday
I think I'm dying, at least it feels that way,
one cell per second, and I'll be gone by May
and it hurts so badly, I can't even stand up straight,
and I love you madly, until I reach heavens gate

there's something strong inside me, eating me up alive
now it could be Irish Moonshine, but it's longing grief and strife,
and I miss you at night, and I'll miss you all day,
and I miss you forever, and I'll miss you in May

Mayday, mayday, mayday

and all the while I'm dying, I shall be happy for you
and all the tears I'm crying are just a Thank-you note

My body dissolves in pain, and you wrecked my mind as well,
but our souls will meet again, in heaven or in hell
ashes to ashes, but you my soulmate I will find,
all earthly clashes will be washed away like pints

Mayday, mayday, mayday
Track Name: If I Go
and if I go, will you still think of me
once in a while,
how hard I tried
to love you like no other

and how much more
must I endure to say
that that’s enough,
I’ve had enough,
my heart can’t bear anymore

and why out of all did I choose you to love
you with your baggage, you with your years,
you with your women
you with excuses, with drinks and weed,
you with your damage, just like me

you with your laughter, you with your love,
you with your tender skin
you with your music, you with your thoughts,
you of my dreams who I love

if only you knew how hard it is,
if only you knew how much I wanna stay,
if only you knew what you want yourself,
if only you knew it could work out well

and if I go, will you please keep in mind
that I love you, I’ll always do,
and I’ll let you go, if I go
Track Name: Kentucky
I’ve never been to Kentucky
But always far from home
I’ve always thought that I’m lucky
But never was I so alone
As I’m now without you here

I’ve never been to Texas
But always far from home
And all those attempts to fix us
Did I always do on my own
Without you near

and you’ve never seen anything like that with your heart
and you’ve never been closer

we’ve been to NY and New Hampshire
made snow angels in Vermont
in Massachusetts we spent our time cooking
in Rhode Island you taught me a song
and I’ve been singing still
of celtic Connecticut connections and friends

Mr. and Mississippi
In Minnesota we weren’t that close
You bought me a ring in Wisconsin
And we got rid of all of our clothes
In the car on the way
To Harmony, L.A.
We shook hands

But you’ve never seen anything like that with your heart
And you’ve never seen closer

and I’ve never been to Tennessee
Where you seem to be at right now
I’ve always thought that we’d be
Close to each other somehow
And I take a bow
Cause it’s all over now